Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles

BLM-LA is the original chapter of the global movement built to challenge state-sanctioned violence against Black people and to vision and build a just and free society. Since 2013, BLM organizers have been doing work to disrupt systems of oppression and work vision and build the kind of world in which we want to live.Donate here.

Care Not Cops

Social media campaign calling on our community to urge our city council members to redirect the money accepted from the LAPD towards bail out funds, mutual aid, and organizations that benefit the black community in this pivotal time of tragedy and change.

People's Budget LA

The People’s Budget LA is a coalition convened by Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles. The coalition includes community organizations, faith leaders, parents, teachers, students, nonprofit leaders, and individuals from across Los Angeles.

Quick Guide to LA Budget

Instagram slideshow breaking down the LA budget

No Cop Money CA

Sign a pledge not to accept contributions or endorsements from police or correctional officer unions or associations and instead prioritize the protection of Black lives and our communities over police repression and the incarceration industry.

PCRC Social Media Toolkit