Police Contributions to Representatives Calculator

In support of BLM-LA and the global Black Lives Matter movement, The Future Left has created PCRC as an informational resource to help citizens demand their elected officials stop taking police donations and redirect city funds away from the police department and towards the needs of the people they represent, as laid out comprehensively by Black Lives Matter-LA at The People’s Budget LA.

Currently, PCRC covers only Los Angeles County, but we are hard at work to bring this resource to cities across the nation.


Did the LAPD buy your elected officials?

Los Angeles District AttorneyJackie Laceyhas received $1,252,250.00 from the “Los Angeles Police Protective League” PAC, which is the lobbying arm of the largest police union in the city. Since Lacey took office in 2012, over 600 Angelenos have been murdered by police in LA County, and it is no coincidence that she has only prosecuted one officer while letting the rest remain off the hook.

Searchyour address to find our how much money your other reps have taken from police interests. The Police Contributions to Representatives Calculator (PCRC) will list all the money your elected officials have received from police organizations and PACs.

What are PACs?

Political Action Committees (PACs) are slush funds set up to influence politicians and policy through campaign donations. Unlike your personal campaign donations, PAC’s are both unaccountable and deliberately designed to influence elections and policy-making. More often than not, this includes favors and favoritism for the organizations behind the PAC.

Why should I care?

Despite citywide cuts to public sector services in the midst of a health and economic crisis, LAPD continue to receive increases to their already bloated budget, and officers' salaries continue to increase above the rate of inflation.

PAC funding has made the police budget untouchable for public officials, even in the face of overwhelming criticism and mass demonstrations (where we have seen these funds go towards tear gassing peaceful protesters, shooting them with rubber bullets, and keeping the sky occupied with helicopters that cost roughly $1,056 an hour each). By stopping police donations to our elected officials, we can end the police department’s influence over their policy-making and budget decisions.

What can be done about it?

Utilizing the PCRC, you should call, email, and tweet at those officials, demanding they sever their ties with police union money moving forward and redirect city money away from police whims towards community needs. Remind them that those needs have been comprehensively laid out atpeoplesbudgetla.comwhere BLM-LA has collected data on how the city budget needs to change (e.g. more funding towards low-income housing, mental health services, public schools, and other important needs).

It has become clear that in order to achieve any meaningful change, we must—all of us—work to break the power and influence of police unions and their PACs. We hope the PCRC will help you not only understand the vectors of influence, but inform how you select and pressure local officials and policy.


PCRC is developed and maintained by the Future Left team. Feel free to donate towards towards server costs and API fees here. Any donations received will be directed straight towards making progressive change.

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